Date(s) # of Days Tournament Name Location Status Results
1/21/18 1 Lakeside Snow Squal Saratoga Rec Center Accepted
2/3/18 1 Sacandaga Feb. Freeze Boardalbin-Perth HS Accepted
2/18/18 1 Lakeside Presidents Day Sartoga Rec Center Accepted
3/3/18-3/4/18 2 Mizuno Boston Volleyball Festival Boston Convention Center Accepted Finished in Silver Division
3/10/18-3/11/18 2 Great Nor'easter I Capital District Accepted
4/8/18 1 Mustang Backyard Bash Mt. Markham Central School Accepted
April 14th and 15th 2 IREVA Regionals Guilderland MS and Vorheesville MS/HS Accepted